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  Below is a list of games you may choose.  In a two hour program, teams can participate in opening ceremonies in which a team name, cheer and banner are created, four to five events, and a closing awards ceremony. 

bucket brigade.jpg (74351 bytes)Bucket Brigade - Pass small buckets full of holes filled with water down the line of team members.  Everyone must pas the small buckets to fill up a large bucket.  (Repeat until large bucket is full)

catapultvball.jpg (60341 bytes)Catapult Volleyball Team members use towels or sheets to catch and toss the ball from one side of the net to the other. This may also be done with water balloons.


Over Under Team members pass a giant beach ball over their head and then between the legs of the next in line and so on down the row with the last person running up to the front to start it all over again. Relay continues until the leader of the game is back in the front.

new big foot.jpg (67784 bytes)Sand Ski Relay - Team members walk in cadence on the "sand ski" apparatus to the finish line.

Obstacle Course Relay - Teams race each other obstacle action.jpg (84284 bytes)through their team's course.  Players go through a tunnel, over and under equipment, and bounce their way back to the finish line.

bombs away.jpg (69075 bytes)



Giant Slingshot Three members of each team must work the catapult and try to launch their bomb (ball) into the safety net (large bucket or sheet) which the rest of the team is holding. The team who catches the most bombs wins.

croquet bump.jpg (33384 bytes)Coconut Bump- Players wrap a nylon stocking around their waist.  A croquet ball is inside of one of the legs of the stocking.  Players must swing their hips to create a pendulum effect with the croquet ball to knock the coconut across the playing field to the finish line. crazy clothes izzy dizzy.JPG (217729 bytes)

Crazy Clothes Relay - Put on a crazy costume and then spin around the izzy dizzy stick.

Kayak Races - Teams race two players at a time.  The playkayak race.jpg (79261 bytes)er in the kayak provides forward movement the other team member (towed behind the kayak) rides on an inner tube armed with a water gun which is used for  offensive and defensive purposes.  

Inner tube Relay - Players sit in inner tubes and race around a buoy and back.

Tug-a-war - Heave-Ho goes your team as they pull their opponents over the line.

Potato Pass Pass the potato down the line of your teammates using only your knees.

Sack Races - Jump to success in a potato sack

Target Practice- Using water guns, team members shoot streams of water to knock down the targets.  This is a less physical event, yet is still challenging in testing participants accuracy.  

Horseshoe Tournament - Team members go for the ringers in the horseshoe tournament.

volleyball.jpg (57278 bytes)Volleyball Tournament - Bump, set, and spike in traditional or our accelerated version of volleyball.


Tribal Games are also available.  Please call for details



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