Evening Activities
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South Florida Idol

A Karaoke Event - Your guests become the stars in thisDsc00277.jpg (626037 bytes) entertaining and contagious Karaoke event. The Group will be divided into teams (bands) to compete to be the next South Florida Idol. To give a concert-like feel, teams/bands will be projected onto a large screen with a live video feed. Props and costumes will be provided for group members to use in their performance. Let the show begin!  MC keeps the show rolling and DJ provides music to dance to between acts.  DVD's showcasing the evening's event can be produced for group members to relive the evening.

Murder at Sunset

Make it a night you will never forget with this activity for any size group.  This icebreaker gets everyone involved and mingling with each other.  A murder is about to be committed. Each member of the group is given a clue, which helps reveal the culprit. Through interaction amongst each other, participants figure out who did it, with what weapon, and in what location, by acting as murder limbo.jpg (77034 bytes) individual detectives. Each participant will receive a playing car, which lists all of the possibilities. Participants must answer riddles, put puzzles together, sing songs, act out scenes, answer trivia questions, etc. before receiving clues form each other. Through the process of elimination, "detectives" mark off the possibilities on their "playing card" as they exchange clues. The more they talk to different people, the closer they will come to solving the mystery.

Crab Races

crab races2.JPG (54205 bytes)Ready, Set, Go! Whatís more perfect for a beach party than CRAB RACES! Spectators and participants all come out of their shells for this fun filled event. Participants select their favorite race crab and give it a racing name. Then all crabs are placed in the center of the table and race to the finish line. A number of rounds of crab racing ensures many crab racing enthusiasts the opportunity to claw their way to victory. Not a crabby face will be found around this sea-sational event!


Beach Bonfire

beach bonfire.JPG (54429 bytes)Create an atmosphere with a bonfire on the beach. Groups members can enjoy roasting marshmallows and good old fashion símores over the fire. Great for adults and for groups with kids. Attendant with the bonfire from start to finish to keep the fire at a controlled roar, for safety, and to assist participants with making símores.

Truck Racing.jpg (79634 bytes)Remote Control Car Races

Ready, Set, and GO!!! Race to complete your laps before the checker flag is waved. Beyond Nascar, this track has ramps and jumps for your cars to speed around. Up to four cars can race at once around our black track with bumpers on the side and a center divider. A pit crew is recommended to ensure your car has no delays. You pit crew will jump in if the car gets stuck on the median or gets turned around on the side bumper. 

Miniature Golf

The Miniature Golf features a specially designed nine-hole course using carpet, sand, coral and other unique obstacles to create a fun but challenging course. 



Croquet courts will be made on the beach and will feature glow in the dark wickets, posts and balls.


Coconut Bowling



 Strikes and spares abound with our Beach Bowling.  Try your hand at rolling a special beach bowling ball down the beach to knock down the pins at the end of the lane.  For an added twist, try our Coconut bowling.



Participants test their accuracy in trying to roll their teams' Bocce Balls closest to the "target ball."  This game offers strategy and fun with little physical effort.  Available in glow in the dark.




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