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 Problem Solving Activities

The following 20-minute cooperative problem solving activities can be selected to create a series of activities in which teams participate.  For example, teams can rotate through five 20-minute activities in a two-hour time period.  Humorous Group Stretches such as Hourglass, Windmill, Corporate Push-ups, and Quick Line-Up are excellent ice breakers and great warm-ups to get the cooperative juices flowing. The 20-minute teambuilding activities are listed below.

PERFECT SQUARE: Team members gather around a circular piece of rope, and with eyes closed, must form the rope into a "perfect square".

stepping stones1.jpg (78843 bytes)STEPPING STONES: Teams cross a given area without touching the ground using special circular wooden discs.


spider web.2.jpg (53283 bytes)SPIDER'S WEB: Participants pass fellow team members through a "web" in which each hole of the web can be used only once.



blindfold construction.jpg (78898 bytes)BLINDFOLD CONSTRUCTION: One half of each team is blindfolded inside a circular area and directed to find the parts and rebuild an object by the rest of their team outside the circle.


musical construction.2.jpg (89904 bytes)MUSICAL CONSTRUCTION: Like blindfold construction, one half of each team is blindfolded inside a circular area and directed be team members who can not talk outside the circle. Team members outside the circle must use electronic and musical noisemakers to communicate how to reconstruct the object inside the circle.


2toxicwaste.jpg (102929 bytes)TOXIC WASTE: Team must lift and pour a material from one container to another without entering the circled off area which the containers are in. Rope, inner tubes, and team creativity is used to accomplish this task.


new big foot.jpg (67784 bytes)BIGFOOT: The entire team must move in cadence to collectively travel through a course while all standing on a "Bigfoot" apparatus.



jpeg key pad.jpg (118340 bytes)

KEYPAD: Team members are given limited attempts to touch large numbered squares ("keys") on the ground in the shortest time possible.



creating balloon tower.jpg (81871 bytes)

BALLOON TOWERS  - Activity time 40 minutes

Given supplies including balloons, tape and minor structural devices, each team must construct a tower as high as possible in the given amount of time.






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