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Teambuilding Construction Activities

These activities encourage all members of the team to contribute their ideas and strategies to complete the construction activity. The most successful teams are those who collaborate and value all team memberís suggestions and contribute these ideas to the ultimate design. 

The teamís goal is to design and build the fastest race car. Teams will design and sketch out their carís blueprint before beginning assembly. Each car must be capable of steering, braking and hold a designated number of people. Then teams race their vehicles through a course. 


blimp construction.2.jpg (71269 bytes)TEAM BLIMP CONSTRUCTION

Each team will construct a "Team Blimp" (similar to that of the Goodyear Blimp) to carry as much weight as possible over and across an expanse.  Small weights must be attached and carried by the Teams' "Blimp" flying creation.



TEAM BARGE CONSTRUCTION Bargec~3.jpg (91361 bytes)

Given the same supplies, each team must construct a miniature ship less than three feet long to float with the most "cargo" on board as possible.




fruit car races.JPG (53527 bytes)Each team will construct a miniature "fruit mobile" which will race down a large ramp against other teams' colorful creations. "Vehicles" will be constructed from assorted fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, carrots, toothpicks, skewers, and other delicacies. Creativity counts in this fun, creative, juicy event.




Team members construct a bridge to span an expanse withBridge~1.jpg (214106 bytes) specified materials. This bridge is to be designed to hold as much weight as possible.  The weight will be attached to the bridge to test the bridgeís weight tolerances. The team that constructs the bridge that holds the most weight wins!




finished (110750 bytes)Given supplies and minor structural devices, each team must construct a self supported tower as high as possible.







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