Myers Briggs




Myers Briggs Type Indicator Program

Program Objectives:
Through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Educational Program, attendees will gain helpful skills which will aid in their interactions with clients and co-workers. This will be accomplished through developing an understanding of common patterns in which people process information and then how they arrive at decisions.

It has been established that in order to become effective, one must begin with oneself and then work outward. The MBTI is a fun, fast, interesting, and a non-intimidating way to accomplish this since all the outcomes are POSITIVE. The value of people with opposite results is not indicative of who is better or worse, but in fact points out the potential for the two combined to be more effective than they ever imagined they could be alone. Whereby an increased value and appreciation of different personality types occurs. Attendees will take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and learn what it means to them, then how to transfer their MBTI knowledge and tools into useful skills which take the guesswork out of what clients and co-workers are looking for.

Knowing how people prefer to process information and make decisions is critical in making the sale. Through recognizing "cues" participants can "give" their clients what they are looking for and whereby increase their effectiveness.

Attendees will also be able to apply this knowledge to internal interactions among fellow employees. Many conflicts arise simply without the understanding of important differences in how people arrive at conclusions and gather information all key steps which will be covered in the MBTI Problem Solving Model.

Practicing these skills continues first-hand with FUN "experiential" exercises. Attendees put skills into action through a fun "Type Jeopardy" Game.

Following the "experiential" exercises, the group will have a final discussion and the entire "Team Type" results will be revealed. In this way, the strengths and caution areas of the company as a whole can be realized.



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