Raft Building
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raft in water.jpg (65991 bytes)Team Raft Building is a fun filled team problem solving experience which we offer to groups. In Team Raft Building, each team constructs a raft out of selected materials, and must "float their boat" around a given point and return to shore.  Materials include: inner tubes, wood,raft building flag.jpg (58741 bytes) PVC, connectors and more.  As few as three people to over a dozen people can be on the raft.

Teams can be given the same materials or participate in "The Marketplace".  In "The Marketplace," each team is given a "budget" of points to "purchase" the supplies to construct their raft. raft building adults.jpg (82769 bytes) Each team will be able to plan their revenue producing strategy by determining their expenses, and earning revenue. Performance factors including how many team , what place the raft comes in, creativity in design and presentation, and quickest disassembly of the raft will determine the revenue each team receives.




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